Andalucia, Spain 2017

We have decided to have an extended stay in Spain spending most of our time in the Andalucia Province. We are traveling with good friends Cathy & Scott. We will be meeting them in Córdoba,  Feb 22. We are planning a week with them in each of  Córdoba, Malaga, Granada and Sevilla. Lastly, we plan on spending three days in Madrid on our own hopefully squeezing  in a day for Toledo.

This will be a very different experience for us. We may have the odd organized tour but for the most part we have booked our own accommodations, (I should say Cathy has booked accommodations), decided when and where we will be going, at our own speed, where and what we will be eating and how we are traveling from place to place.

We have a total of 33 days in Spain and are really looking forward to this destination!

Click on any photo collage to see full size pictures on a black background.

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