March 20, 2017, Seville, Real Alcázar

untitledThere is a reason why “Visit a City” ranks the Real Alcázar as the number one attraction in Seville . . . it is spectacular!

The Moors began construction on a grand mosque and a palace called Al-Muwarak in 1161. Once the Christians came to power King Pedro ordered the construction of his palace (1364) on the site of Al-Muwarak. The Royal palace is an architectural wonder made up of Mudejar & Gothic styles.

untitled-7This truly beautiful palace was made more so by the royals adding extensions and palatial gardens. The upper most floor of the palace is still used by the royal family as a royal residence. The palace complex has been used several time in movie and television; most recently in the Game of Thrones. It is also used for concerts of all types.

The additional pics on the attachment page are arranged to give you somewhat the same feel as we did in exploring the Real Alcázar. More Pics Real Alcázar and the Carriage Ride

Following our visit to the Real Alcázar we decided to to for a horse and carriage ride. Unfortunately this tour did not meet our expectations. The carriage we chose was not really meant for four people and it was quite uncomfortable; Scott (because of leg room) and Cathy and Jill because of the very narrow seat  (in width, depth and length) they had. In retrospect we should have checked the carriages out more closely and the driver should have directed us to a larger carriage . . .but I guess he untitled-19wanted his 45 Euros.

The ride itself was for 45 minutes and we did see some interesting sites. The driver unfortunately spent most of his time on his cell phone with very little information provided. His English language skills were certainly lacking. Well, you live and you learn.

Footnote: We have arrived home safe and sound and I am playing catch-up with blog. I believe I just our two full days in Madrid to post.


2 thoughts on “March 20, 2017, Seville, Real Alcázar

    1. Darn tourists . . . Keep getting in the middle of my pics . . . We had a great time too, invested in new hard drive (1T) and espresso maker.

      Have fun in Portugal!


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