March 18, 2017, Seville

Today, we made the decision to go to Casa de Pilatos and to make sure we actually got there without being distracted by other sights. We we almost made it there directly but had to stop at the Iglesia de San Pedro. This is a truly beautiful church. Also along the way we found another church which was interesting on the exterior but the interior was be renovated.

We arrived at the Casa de Pilatos and it truly is a great palace. This palace is named after Pontius Pilate for the style of architecture that he used in Jerusalem. The palace dates from 1518. The pThis was certainly worth the visit of approximately 21/2 hours. We also di a tour of the upstairs but once again there were no photos allowed.alace is considered one of the first examples of Andalusian architecture in Seville.

From here we walked and found some beautiful gardens and many interesting buildings some of which are shown here. We also got our first glimpses of the Alcázar. Very strange on how we could visit the Seville Cathedral and miss the Alcázar but we did manage to do just that. Also included are some more pictures of the cathedral.



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