March 17, 2017, Seville

We have been really fortunate with the wonderful weather we have had throughout our trip and Seville is no exception. We have seen so much history and diverse architecture, especially here in Seville.

untitled-12Today we went back and revisited “the Popsicle Stick” building, as Cathy has christened it and boy did we get a surprise! The initial cost of the structure was estimated at €50 million but during the building process costs went up due to technical changes in the construction and the final cost was €75.8 million. The technical changes were due to the fact that an archaeological site was found with findings from the Roman era to the 6th century and the remains of an Almohad Moorish period house. This necessitated structural changes. The area beneath the Metropol Parasol is called the Antiquarium and is well worth the visit as hopefully the pictures show.

As in most days we tend to come upon churches, (most of which are open for cultural visits) and we found a couple more today. Featured in this blog is the Iglesias de El Salvador. This is rather plain on the outside but inside it is something

else again. Just amazing!

Cathy, in her research discovered four “Free Tours” to different neighborhoods in the city of Seville, so we decided to try one which took us across the river to Triana. Triana it seems has a culture all of its own, with no chain stores and small family run businesses. The people are very proud of their heritage and we were told that if a family or individual leaves Triana to live in another place they always post a ceramic sign that say “we are from Triana”. These tours rely on tips from the the individuals taking the tour and our guide was very, very good and we tipped her accordingly.

After the tour concluded we stopped for dinner at a BBQ where I had a long overdue steak  and it was excellent!



3 thoughts on “March 17, 2017, Seville

  1. Cathy

    So here we are in Seville, Spain with all these great tapas restaurants and we end up in a BBQ place where the owner is from Syria! It was really good and nice clean restrooms also! No toilet seats but everything else was there……..

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