Arrival, Sevilla March 15, 2017

Today was get-a-way day from Malaga. We left our excellent apartment first thing in the morning, walked to the cab stand and were taken to the bus station. The bus trip was uneventful and had us arriving in Sevilla at around lunch time.

Cathy and Scott booked their next bus trip and then we all jumped in a cab to our home for the next week. We had a very good tour of the apartment from the owner and then we had lunch at a cafe next door before going to the local DIA for groceries.

We then ventured out to the train station so Jill and I could book our tickets to Madrid for March 22.

After quite a jaunt we found the train station and decided to cab it back to apartment. Cathy and Jill prepared an excellent spaghetti and meatball dinner the we all enjoyed.

The attached photos are from lunch and the immediate neighborhood where our apartment is.


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