March 12: The Glass Museum and Alcazaba

Glass Museum

We began this day by starting our walk to the Glass and Crystal Museum. We first came upon a church that had some interesting colours on its exterior. We are unable to enter the church, however there are some pics on the attachment. As we made our way to the museum we came upon the Plaza de la Merceduntitled-1 where there is a large monument to people who were killed during Franco’s time.

We had cafe com leche at a small cafe just around the corner from the museum and auntitled-2 relatively small but beautiful church since identified as Iglesia de San Felipe Ner. With the museum closed until 10:00 and the church holding a service. After our coffee we were able to enter the church and take pictures. It was a very lovely church. From here we crossed the road to the Glass Museum.

The museum is really a private home with over 3,000 pieces of glass, some fine art work, a number of hand-made Persian rugs and a wonderful piano. We were fortunate to hear Scott play a very nice piece. We are also fortunate to have the owner of the house take us on our tour! He is very passionate about his collection and about his house. The house is beautiful inside. The collections of glass and his dialogue was very interesting.


After lunch we headed back to our apartment and directly across from it is the Alcazaba. This is a 10th century structure that is restored beautifully and is in great shape. We traversed numerous pathways gradually climbing to the top. What a fortress, almost impossible to penetrate by rival forces. The Alcazaba was designed by the same architect that designed the Alhambra in Granada.

Unfortunately, I lost track of Jill, Cathy & Scott and essentially saw the top most parts on my own. After keeping an eye out for them, continuing to climb I reached the top. From here I walked down trying to spot them but failed to do so. In the end, I believed the best course of action for me was to go back to the apartment and wait for them. They eventually found me at the apartment and clearly expressed their thoughts on my disappearance.



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