Gibraltar March 10 & Malaga March 11

Gibraltar March 10

It was an early start to Gibralter

The four of us were awake at 5:15 am to catch our 7:00 am bus and tour to Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a truly scenic little bit of British heritage. Our tour bus arrived and promptly missed the turn into the customs area for Gibraltar. Entry into Gibraltar was really easy with a British custom agent coming on the bus and taking a cursory glance at our passports. The bus then crossed the Gibraltar airport, (all of us with some trepidation, that is the airport runway) and we were on this large chunk of rock.

We had a quick bite to eat, met back at the bus where we were divided up into groups of approximately 22 people and boarded mini buses. We then zoomed all over the island both at sea level and from the top of this large rock. We stopped for a photo opportunity and

looked across the straights to Africa. From here we climbed and climbed up one way lanes and switchbacks to spectacular St. Michaels Caves that during WWII was a hospital. We also saw a number of stalactites. The cave was lit with a constantly changing colours. Pretty awesome!

From here we started back down and stopped to see the “apes”, really monkeys of which there were not too many. Once back in town we had about one hour of free time which we spent visiting the cathedral and an Anglican church . . . an oh yes time for a cup of gelato.

Gibraltar was a “must see” when we are so close but the tour left a lot to be desired. I expected a 3 hour bus trip that stretched to almost 41/2 hours with many, many stops along the way. 41/2 hours on a bus with no bathrooms is no fun for anyone. Tommy, our minibus driver/guide did our tour in Spanish and English and while he switched seamlessly between the two, sometimes there was no pause and all of s sudden you were trying to understand Spanish before you realized it. We seemed to see a lot of sites that “used to be here”, but something else was there now. Also the speed of the tour on Gibraltar was much to fast with little opportunity for photography.

The tour was ranked as a 3 star tour and really it was worth no more than 1 star. I could not recommend this tour for anyone to take. The trip back was a tad more than 3 hours as the tour leader switched some passengers with a different bus and saved time that way. Still, we did enjoy Gibraltar.

Malaga March 11

Today was a very enjoyable day. First off we all stayed in bed rising at about 9:00am. After breakfast we went back to the market and picked up dinner for this evening, Salmon again for us and chicken for Scott and Cathy. Jill managed to blow the fuses in our two converters and also Scotts so off we went to find a store that had the fuses. Found the fuses but our one converter still does not work. We will look into buying another one.

After this task we headed to the Malaga Cathedral, (now that the three day holiday against Canadians going into churches and cathedrals declared by Cathy was over). Wow, what a sight! It is truly beautiful and very large. It dominates the Malaga skyline. The pictures tell the story better than my words can.

From here we went to the Roman theatre discovered back in 1951. This was very interesting and we took numerous pictures.

The last place we went to was the giant Princess Ferris Wheel. This is the way to get a “birds eye” view of Malaga, its ocean front and port.

All for now . . .


4 thoughts on “Gibraltar March 10 & Malaga March 11

  1. mbm191990

    Great pictures from Gibraltar! Glad you got to see the ‘Apes’. Must have been more there when we visited. They got on our car and we had to wait for them to get off before we could get back in!! Glad you got into more churches after your 3 day absence!!


  2. Cathy

    The no cathedral holiday is just a one day holiday buy I think because we are retired we stretched it out a bit…………


  3. Great pictures Dad! It’s too bad that your trip to Gibraltar was less than desired. I’ll have to use your blog as my travel planner! I might skip out on a few of the churches though lol!


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