Granada / Malaga March 7 & 8

March 7th

untitled-43Our last full day in Granada was an exceptionally good. We walked to Plaza Nueva where we had lunch at a great Schwarma restaurant. From here we had a short walk to meet with our guide for our afternoon walk.

untitled-2We did a walking tour with Tibo which was excellent. First off we had to climb many steps and up a great hill where we reached the summit and St Nicholas Square. Along the way we passed through some very narrow streets and stopped at some very good lookouts. We passed through the original Muslim area on our way to the square. There were some truly fantasticuntitled-4 views form St Nicholas Square.

From here we began our trek back down to the city centre. Along the way we learned that locations with the name “Carmen” indicated that the owners were very generous and shared the fruits from their trees. Today, there is a celebration that features this generosity where all the owners open their gates and people move freely from home to home.

Last, but certainly not least was passing the “cave homes” where Tibo explained that the gypsies who originally lived in the caves, were given the opportunity to build a facade of a house in front of their cave with the materials beinguntitled-22 supplied by the government, free. The catch was that people doing this would have to pay taxes. Most did, but there are some who did not that can take advantage of the schools and medical services but do not have to pay any taxes.

Tebo was great and “hats off” to Sarolta and Julia and the crew from Playgranada. I would recommend them to any one traveling to Granda. We have also booked an all day road trip with them on Monday that will take us to Ronda and a  number of other interesting villages.

From here we went on a little shopping tour of the Arab market where we all made some small purchases.

Our last dinner was at a restaurant called La Mafia and the food was excellent!

March 8, Getaway Day

Fran & Julien came by the apartment in Granada to say goodbye and order us a cab to the bus station. These two guys were really great and their apartment was wonderful to stay in. Granada is a lovely city and we did see many different and interesting sites.

We boarded our bus for the 1:45 minute trip to Malaga. We have a very nice 3 bedroom apartment smack dab in the middle of things. There are four interesting sites that we want to visit all within about a two minute walk.

Maria met us and provided the keys and internet access codes and an introduction to the apartment. This is seemed to work well however logging into the internet proved challenging as Maria’s numbers and letters are slightly different then ours. She does have to have the longest security code any of us have ever seen.
We did go outside our the apartment’s front door and had a very good lunch.

We then went grocery shopping and are now resting up prior to having dinner.

All for now . . .


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