Granada March 5th & 6th

March 5th & 6th

March 5th

Cathy was still down for the count with more than a cold likely the flu. She chased the three of us out of the apartment so she could get some rest  and hopefully get on the mend.

We decided to walk to the La Cartuja Monastery. With Scott leading we wound our way up the hill (seemed like a mountain going hither and dither and arrived at the monastery at 12.58 only to find that it closed at 1:00 pm.

However all was not lost as we got some terrific shots from scenic lookouts along the way and some great city scapes. It did take us 21/2 hours to get to the Monestary and about 40 minutes to get back.

Upon our return Cathy was feeling much better and we all went out for Shwarma dinner and it was delicious.

March 6th

untitled-1Today Cathy appears to be at about 95% so we decided to head back to the La Cartuja Monastery.  This time we earned from yesterday’s mistakes and made it to the Monastery in about 45 minutes. We purchased our entrance fees and unfortunately there were no photos allowed inside the monetary. This is really disappointing as the interior was spectacular! We did purchase post cards and will scan untitled-5them for use later upon our return.

We then cabbed it to Plaza de Nueve which is where we ate lunch in a charming Shwarma restaurant. This is at the bottom of the hill that leads to the Alhambra.

Reflecting Pool inside the Alhambra

We cabbed it up and had a spectacular tour by a very informative tour guide. This is truly a phenomenal place. Many would say it is the top attraction in Spain. This was very good but in my opinion the Mesquita in Cordoba nudges it out as number. (but then again who I am I to say) The tour lasted three hours and our original plans were to hike back down (all down hill at that stuff) but thought better of it and cabbed it back down to the plaza.

From there we walked back to the apartment. Stopped at the grocery store, bought pork chops, potatoes and had some flat beans which will constitute dinner. I must say after 10.9 miles of walking the Alhambra “Traditional” beer slid very nicely down the old throat.

All for now . . .


2 thoughts on “Granada March 5th & 6th

  1. Cathy

    I’m glad I got better to see everything of the last 2 days, including our bit of shopping in the market and a great dinner at La Mafia not to mention our schwarma adventures.Given how long it took you guys to get to the monastery while I was home sick – you must have really missed my navigational skills!


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