Granada, March 2nd, 3rd & 4th

March 2

We ventured out from our beautiful apartment on the 2nd and headed for a number of churches and cathedrals.

untitled-22Monastery of Saint Jerome

This a very large church with a wonderful interior. It was built in 1492 on the orders of the catholic Kings. The interior is quite immense. We spent a significant amount of time photographing the untitled-12main church body as well as numerous rooms that surrounded the main courtyard. Although we did not meet any of them, there are nuns who have taken a vow of silence here.

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The Granada Cathedral

untitled-23The Granada Cathedral began its build in 1523 by Queen Isabella on the site where the Main Mosque was. Built on Gothic foundations, this is an excellent example of Spanish style Renaissance architecture. Walking into the main entrance is simply jaw dropping as you gaze at the dome in the main chapel. This an extremely large cathedral with many fine works of art. Once again we spent a good deal of time here taking photographs and learning about its history.

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This is an Arabic market right in the middle of Europe. Alcaicería translates to ‘House of Caesar’; it originated from the fact that the permission the Arabic traders got for opening the market was from Emperor Justinian.
It was constructed in the 14th century and was the Great Bazaar of Granada, selling silk goods, spices, perfumes, and other goods. We did not see a lot of this as most of the stores were closed when we were there.

Between Cafe com Leche breaks and walking between the different venues, we chewed up a lot if time and energy and thus concluded our day.

March 3

Today we headed out to two more churches and another walking tour.

untitled-24This basilica was but in the 18th century in the Baroque style of architecture to honour the life of San Juan de Dios. He was a shepard and a soldier who dedicated his life to spirituality and the sick. He was the founder of the Order of Hospitallers, now known as the Brothers of Hospitallers of St. John of God.

His mortal remains are in the silver urn behind the alter. Gold Leaf abounds in this beautiful church. Unfortunately I lost my Canada hat during our visit.

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Royal Chapel of Granada

Built at the beginning of the 16th century this chapel is built in the Gothic style of architecture. It sits side by side to the Granada Cathedral. Inside the cathedral you will find masterpieces by El Greco and Ribero.
It was finished in 1517 and commissioned by Ferdinand & Isabel to be used as their mausoleum. Inside are the sarcophaguses containing the bodies of the royal deceased.
Unfortunately there was no photographs permitted in this chapel.

Calle Navas

Today we had lunch on the Calle Navas.  This was supposed to be a street full of interesting stores. We did find a guitar manufacturer and some fine guitars. We stopped for lunch and it was quite good but the interesting stores seem to have been replaced with numerous cafes and restaurants.

We then headed back to our apartment as a major downpour was expected and it did not disappoint. On the way back we found yet another church whose doors were opened allowing us to escape the rain, wind and chilly temperature.

March 4,

Today was a very cool, wet day. Cathy has caught a bad cold and is down for the count today. We have used this day to mostly catch up on developing our photographs and writing this blog.
Jill and I dd walk up to the The Basilica of San Juan de Dios to search for my hat but it was closed. Later on Scott and I returned to the basilica in search of the hat, but to no avail. Scott commented that perhaps there is a homeless person out there now being mistaken for a Canadian. That would be fine by me.

All for now . . .


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