Get-A-Way Day, March 1

March 1, 2017

untitled-42Today was get-a-way day from Córdoba. Juan called a cab for us that arrived a mere 2 minutes late and that took us to the bus station where we boarded our bus to Granada. We have a spectacular apartment here in Granada as the pictures will show. We could likely use a map to traverse the apartment it is so large. (LOL). 3 Bedrooms, a library, an office as well as Kitchen and 2 baths and a private courtyard.

The trip here was quite interesting with thousands upon thousand of olive trees. Olives are to Spain what wine is to France, Germany and Italy. The country side changed from rolling gentle hills to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Along the way we passed two very old fortress like buildings. We do have pictures of these but taking pics through a moving bus with tinted windows does present it’s challenges. After spending 30 minutes

or so trying to find them on the web . . . I gave up. Interesting pictures though.

Our cab driver told us we are 30 minutes from the peaks of the Serra Nevada range and 30 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.
We just got back from grocery shopping and a cafe com leche and pastry.


Yesterday, (February 28) was our last day in Córdoba. We planned to go out shopping however it was some kind of local holiday and all the stores were closed. We still did quite a few steps, and found ourselves at the Port of Córdoba. This was also our day for eating dinner out. Jill and I had Risotto with seafood while Scott had Cod and Cathy (unknowingly) had a tripe. She was not overly happy with it as it was quite different then what she expected. We three quite enjoyed our dinner.

After dinner we walked to the river where we took some nighttime shots of the Roman Bridge, the city gates and the Mesquite. We then headed back to our apartment, stopping off at the Roman Temple for some night pics too.

Córdoba is a fascinating city, with many wonderful places to experience!


5 thoughts on “Get-A-Way Day, March 1

  1. Martha Allred

    Sounds delightful! I remember the olive trees from when we were there. They were amazing!

    By the way, are you getting my comments? I am replying to the email I receive about your blogs. I’ve been getting t least one each day and I hope you know that I am reading them!!!



  2. Fatima Machado

    Such beautiful places and pictures. Glad you are having such a wonderful time. I did get in your blog without any problems. Keep on enjoying your vacation and I will keep up with you too via your blog.
    All the best. Fatima and Emanuel


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