Córdoba Pictures from the 2/24

Cristo de los Faroles (Christ of the Lanterns and Plaza de Capuchinos)

Christ of the Lanterns is baroque crucifix located in the center of Capuchin’s Square. This plain and simple square is surrounded by white washed walls that are interrupted only by the windows of the convent. Included was a lovely little church worthy of picture taking.


Palacio de la Merced

This magnificent building is one of the finest examples of baroque architecture in Cordoba. Originally built between 1245 and 1262 it was renovated in the 17th century. Unfortunately, it was not open on the day we visited it. Directly across the road is the Jardines de la Mercid.

Palacio Museo de Viana and Patios

The Palace of the Marquises of Viana is a declared monument of cultural interest. We did tour the interior of the palace but to our chagrin there was no photography allowed. We did tour the 12 garden patios  surrounding the palace and were really wonderful.




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