Córdoba, February 27

February 27, 2017

Last evening Scott discovered that he had zero space left on his computer hard drive as well zero space on his external drive so this necessitated a search for a computer store. After some on line searching Cathy discovered a computer store (which she claimed was 20 minutes away), however after finally finding the store and satisfying Scott’s

Fine Art

requirements we needed to rest up with a coffee and pastry.

We decided that we had some “Must Sees” today, sites on the schedule that we had not gotten to previously. We did accomplish seeing them all and the descriptions follow. For the record we amassed 16,823 steps totally almost 12 miles.

We started off by revisiting a site we had seen on our first day, “Iglesia de San Lorenzo” a beautiful church that we just stumbled on. Today, we noted that the doors were open so in we went and were rewarded with some great picture

opportunities. The church was founded by Saint Ferdinand in 1236 after the reconquest of Córdoba over an old mosque with construction beginning 13th century. This church was not one of our planned sites but well worth the time invested.

We came upon another interesting building that once was a palace and now rents same for offices. This is called Palacio de Orive. This was recently renovated and the results speak for themselves in the pictures.

The first of our planned visits today was to the Casa de Las Cabezas. The House of the Heads is a quaint house with four sections and four courtyards (patios) which will take you back to the Medieval era to the life of a noble family. This was quite an interesting visit although I was disappointed that the ally beside the house was “headless”.

untitled-15-copy-3Next on our list of planned visits was the Calleja de las Flores. My guess is this would be much better in the Spring and summer, however the promised view of the tower in the Mezquita was excellent.

Last on our visit was the elusive “Capilla Mudejar Iglesia de San Bartolome”. This church or funeral chapel was built in the 14th century. It has a wonderful crucifix and the chapel has some magnificent tile work in it. The church is quite small but has a good deal of fine workmanship on display.

More tomorrow!


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