Córdoba, February 25

Saturday February 25, 2017

Today, was yet another superb day with our friends Cathy and Scott.

We navigated our way along twisting winding streets and found a reasonably large square with a fountain and statue of a horseman in it, Scott and I got some very good photos.

untitled-17From here we continued down hill to the river where we arrived at our destination Mezquita Catedral de Córdoba. What a magnificent structure both the interior and the exterior. The Mosque Cathedral or Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption of Cordoba is today a church built inside a former Muslim Mosque. First came the mosque and when the Moors were defeated the Christians built there church inside or on top of the mosque. Simply Stunning! The original  mosque was constructed over a period of 200 years beginning in 784 AD. The “Choir” area is huge and is very beautiful. There are many arches which are made of precious stones and marble. We spent the morning here and the time was well spent.

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We had a lovely lunch, inside today as we were chilled from being in the Mezquita. After lunch we went to the river where we photographed the long, massive Roman Bridge, the Puerta del Puenta, the gates to the city and the Torre de la Calahorra, a fortress at the opposite end of the bridge.

We also wandered over to the  Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos another large fortress. We will visit and explore the interior tomorrow.

We thought about going out in the evening but thought better of it and stayed in.

The days just keep getting better and better!


4 thoughts on “Córdoba, February 25

  1. Bill

    Glad you are enjoying your self guided tours. As you know it is the way we travel ( and as far as I’m concerned the only way to travel)on the few times we have left the country.


    1. Thanks Bill, we were just slow learners. Must say the Cruise ships, River or Ocean do treat you royally and you do not have to go shopping or food. We will still do those, but this is a really good way to go . . .


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