Córdoba, February 24

(Above image is around the corner from the apartment)

Friday February 24, 2017

We are in our second full day in Córdoba and what a day it has been. But first let me tell you about our dinner from last night. Some kind of sticky rice which our Juan had on hand which we added some onions and peppers to, fresh flat beans and pork chops which were great and instead of applesauce, Cathy fried sliced apple with result being a really delicious dinner.

Juan’s apartment is just lovely! He has provided eggs, coffee, muffins and croissants along with juices, milk and an array of spices, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The sitting room is quite comfortable with a couch and two chairs, a white round dinning table and two bedrooms and and two washrooms. We are literally right in the centre of things. It seems we are somewhere between 5 and 12 minutes from most everything.

We decided that we should go to the bus terminal and pickup our tickets for traveling to Granada. This, because even in low season it seems buses and trains (particularly the untitled-15times we want), fill up fast. On the way there we passed through the newer section, more modern area of Córdoba. Still, there were many interesting buildings, large squares and parks. This was likely a 25 minute walk made considerably because of a couple of guys continually taking pictures.

untitledHaving secured our tickets for next Wednesday’s trip to Granada, it was time for a cappuccino and snack. We then essentially followed directions by “Visit a City” and internet website that is fabulous. The first place we went to was the untitled-2Palacio de la Merced and is a rather large palace structure and unfortunately was closed. We did get some quite good photos of the exterior. Across the road, were the Jardines de la Merced. A large park like setting with a small mosque and pretty fountain. Some of the palm trees here in Córdoba are huge as are illustrated in the pictures.

From here we walked to Cristo de los Faroles. The buildings in this area, like many in Córdoba are “whitewashed” and look very pretty. This particular attraction features a untitled-4small rectangular square enclosed by whitewashed buildings with a Baroque Crucifix and an interesting church. The interior church floors were being washed as untitled-5the pic shows.

We walked through narrow alleyways to our next destination. These alleys were narrow enough that if a car came along you stepped into a door frame to get out of the way. We arrived at Palacio Museo de Viana and Patios. This is the Palace of the Marquises of Viana. We purchased tickets and toured the palace and its many antiquities. Our tickets included touring the “patios”, patio gardens that were very beautiful as the photos show. untitled-6Between touring the Palace and viewing the patios we had lunch just outside the gates and it was delicious!  The cost for the palacio and our lunch was well money well spent!untitled-7

From here we headed back to the apartment. We rested up and headed of to local “Express” where we purchased some mini steaks, vegetables, beer and wine for dinner. Along the way we stumbled into Real Iglesia de San Pablo an interesting church and convent.

By the end of the day we had done in excess of 15,000 steps which I believe is about 8 miles of walking.

Today was a very good day!


One thought on “Córdoba, February 24

  1. Martha Allred

    That is so cool! What great pictures! It sounds like you had a full day and got to see a lot! Keep it coming and keep having a good time. The picture of the 4 of you is nice. Now I know what your friends look like!!


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