Day 7: Beijing Highlights

We started off by visiting Tien ‘an Men Square. This square is very large and has a monument to the countries military heroes and Mau’s Mausoleum. We did not actually go into the building as generally it is a 2 1/2 hour que. The square is surrounded by beautiful flower gardens.untitled-5

Beyond the flowers and the perimeter roads lie on one side The Great Hall of the People, that can handle over 2000 individuals, on the other side the Beijing museum and at one end The Forbidden City and the opposite end is Mau’s Mausoleum.

Mau’s Masoleum

In the centre of the square stands The Monument to the People’s Heroes, a 37 metre (121’ ft) granite obelisk erected in 1958, engraved with scenes from various uprisings and bearing a central inscription (in Mau’s handwriting): THE PEOPLE’S HEROES ARE IMMORTAL. The twin tier dais is said to be an intentional contrast to the imperial preference for three tiered platforms: the yin of the people’s martyrs with the yang of the emperors.  Tien’an Men Square

The Forbidden City as seen from Tien’an Men Square

Jill and I will have to book another holiday just to rest up and recover from this China trip. This is a very full itinerary.

We crossed the roadway in a wide tunnel to The Forbidden City. There are many different halls. Apparently there are 9,999 rooms (no time to check them all out); outstanding Chinese architecture. This place is huge with nine gates dividing the various walls that house the buildings of The Forbidden City.  Forbidden City

Stopped for a photo op at the Birds Nest (2008 Olympic Stadium) on the way to an excellent dinner.  Tomorrow we go to the jade factory, visit The Great Wall and end up at the Zoo to see the Pandas and other animals.


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