Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is the former Imperial Palace which was home to 24 Chinese Emperors over 491 years between 1420 and 1911 presided over by the Emperor. The Forbidden City is now known as the Palace Museum.The Palace is surrounded by a moat 3,800 meters long and 750 meters wide. There are 5 entrances at the main gate with the centre reserved for the Emperor.



The Meridian Gate

Built in 1420, it is 37.95 meters high and is the main gate of The Forbidden City.The bells and drums in the gate tower were sounded to accompany important ceremonies presided over by the Emperor.

This is the gate between the Meridian Gate and The Gate of Supreme Harmony, just ahead. Guards of Honour would line up in this square(the largest in the Palace complex) before important ceremonies.

The Hall of Supreme Harmony also known as the throne is 35 metres high, the highest of the halls in the Forbidden City. It was used for important ceremonies, like the enthronement of the Crown Prince, the Emperor’s birthday celebrations and the initiation of military expeditions.


The Hall of Medium Harmony is where the Emperors rested before major ceremonies or receiving officials.


The Hall of Protective Harmony


The White Dagoba is a Tibetan style temple that was built in honour of the Dali Lama in the 17th century, It is located in Beihai Park, in the centre of Beijing, China.


“Donghua Gate and the area just outside of The Forbidden City including the Moat that surrounds it.”

Gardens of the Forbidden City


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