Day 6: Xian & Beijing

Still Xian, our luggage was taken directly from the hotel the airport, checked in and boarding passes obtained prior to put arrival. This was a nice touch by China Pack.

untitled-21After breakfast, we headed off to the Wild Goose Pagoda. No rain today, but overcast. Quite interesting with a huge Buddha at the centre of it all. We spent about an hour here wandering among the various buildings, temple and garden and yes, my mother was right when she called me a pig . . . Jill is a rabbit . . . I knew that!

untitled-13From the Wild Goose Pagoda we went to the airport for lunch and to catcher 1:30 flight to Beijing. From the airport to where we were to have supper was approx. 1 1/12 hours due to traffic. We were told by Jong that the city has a population of 21M people with over 5M cars.Jong also mentioned there is one China city, can’t remember the name that has over 33M people.Dinner was excellent, the best yet and most have been very good. There is a lot of smog in all the major cities.

Tomorrow is going to be an exhausting day with approx. 6K of walking. Many of the woman are getting puffy feet and legs because of all the walking and humidity. Temperatures during the day for the most part have been between 26 and 30 degrees.


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