Day 5: Xian & Terracotta Warriors

untitled-1After lunch we went to the real Terracotta Warriors and the entire complex is stunning. “to see is to believe” incredible . . . In Pit 1, described as the size of aircraft carrier there are 6000 warriors. These are all life-size figures with no two alike. Pit two holds theuntitled-10 charioteers and Pit 3 seemed to be the command centre for the warriors with many high ranking officers. The only downer was it started to rain, mostly a light sprinkle but untitled-15enough to get you wet. Not surprisingly, Jill invested 30 Yuan in an umbrella, approximately $5.00 Cdn. It was quite a jaunt from the bus to Pit 1, a good 20 minute walk, likely there and back in excess of 4K. (remember we were up at 4:00 am.)

From here we went ti the Muslim Quarter and Grand Mosque.untitled-2 Unfortunately it was pouring rain and itv was getting dark so our pictures are a little suspect. The Muslim Quarter is something else. . . a market that at night is very interesting. You can almost buy anything there.

As our guide Jong states “Xian has 2000 years of history, Beijing 1000 years and Shanghai 200 years.”

untitled-13We went to dinner, now 7:30 pm and feeling pretty tired. The dinner was great as the place featured dumplings.

Dinner was followed by a seven part show featuring traditional folk music and dancers. Arrived at the hotel at approx. 11:00 pm.


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