Silk Rug Company & Master of the Nets

Silk Rug Company

The Master of the Nets Garden, Suzhou

The Mahogany Sedan Chair untitled-2
The sedan chair was a one of kind transportation tool in the ancient time with a history of over 4000 years. This old mahogany sedan chair, with helmet top and exquisite carvings is magnificently made and looks elegant. It is the masterpiece of all sedan chairs through the ages. Originally it belonged to the owner of the Qing Dynasty. It is over 500 kgs.


The Hall of 10,000 Volumes
The main building of the gardens the magnificent reception hall with extraordinary furnishings and interior decoration, chiefly used by the garden owner for entertaining guests and dealing with family affairs. About 10,00o volumes of books were once kept therein. Hence the name.

The Building of Gathering Eleganceuntitled-4
Situated in the rear of the garden owners living quarters and also know as Women’s Private Sitting Room, it is a noteworthy building of antiquity for gathering elegance.

untitled-16Watching Pines and Appreciating Paintings Studio
Watching evergreen pines during the cold season has metaphorical associations. Appreciating paintings connotes “reading” and being able to gain a deeper understanding of the very essence of pictorial records.


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