Day 2: Shanghai & Suzhou

untitled-1We started the day by going back to The Bund area where we literally flew up to the sky. 88 floors straight up in the Joe Jin Mao Tower. Went from the bottom to the top in approximately 15 seconds. Fantastic views, little smoggy but cleared near the end of our stay and got some very good pics. Shanghai is immense (population 20M). Even from this height all you see is Shanghai, stretching to the horizon as far as the eye can see.

We left The Bund at went to the Silk Carpeting Manufacturing Plant. Certainly broughtuntitled-4 back some memories of my working days. Extremely high quality hand made rugs. Manchurian BBQ for lunch. We enhanced the local economy by having our names written in Chinese.

We then hit the road for Suzhou about a one and one half hour trip including a rest stop. Our first stop was a beautiful garden (no flowers) called The Master of the Nets Garden. This is a World Heritage site and apparently New York has an exact copy of it. Dates back to the 1500s.



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