Day 1: Shanghai

Sunday’s Blog

Now, That was a trip to get over here. We have arrived safely in Shanghai. By my calculations, 18 hours actual flying time, 30 hours travel time. We were kind of beat to say the least. However today, Sunday is another day.

untitled-26We had an excellent North American style breakfast, left the hotel at 8:30 and headed off to the Jade Temple. Quite the place! Extremely crowded, particularly because it was Sunday. Took lots of pictures.


After lunch we went to “The Bund”. This is really a very beautiful part of Shanghai that has a major river running through it. Older style British Architecture (1800’s) on one side of the river with newer very modern high rises on the other side.


There is a magnificent wide walkway and it too was teeming with people. After dinner we returned to “The Bund” for an evening cruise. The buildings on both sides of the river were lit up with all kinds of styles of lighting. Certainly on a par with Vegas.

We went to “you’ll never guess” China Town. I guess every city has a China Town. Had a very good lunch which I believe was din sum. Lots of very interesting food.untitled-15

There was also a very beautiful garden made up primarily of rocks, Chinese style buildings, lots of water, trees but no flowers. It was quite a peaceful area but still lots and lots of people. We did enhance the local economy with the purchase of some tea and two tea pots.


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