Delayed at the Airport

Tuesday August 6, 2013

Well the day started off well with the 5:45 wake up call. I had tried to get our transfer for an hour earlier and was told that three hours was lots of time to check in, go through security and passport control and find our gate and it was . . . except . . . . .untitled

We were greeted by an AmaWaterways’ person at the airport who helped us with our luggage and to go through the metal detector at the main entrance to the SUV airport. He then checked our departure time and directed us to the proper check in spot, gate 80 – 92. This was for all International flights for Aeroflot and it was a sea of humanity.

So we got in the line that seemed endless. After about 5 minutes we began to realize that no one was moving in this line. Then came the the dreaded announcement . . . .”Checkin is temporarily delayed due to technical difficulties”.

Our AmaWaterways person came back to explain this to us and advised us of the situation several times. This was first rate by him and by AmaWaterways to have this service as part of there transfer. At about 9:50 they started announcing specific check-in numbers for specific flights. This then caused somewhat of a melee as everyone that was in line had to now get to a specific check-in point. After some searching we found our check-in point and received a “hand written” boarding pass with no gate number an no seat number. We than had to check our luggage elsewhere, proceed to passport control and security with about 12 minutes before our flight took off. After getting through all of this we checked the departure board and saw that our gate was now closed. Never the less, we went to the gate untitled-2an did managed to board the plane. We ended up at the back of the plane but with a empty seat between us.

We are on our way to Warsaw where I believe we will have to collect our luggage and check-in with LOT and get boarding passes for our trip home. More to come . . .

We have successfully landed at Warsaw’s Frederick Chopin Airport. As I suspected, we had to collect our bags from the baggage claim. This required us to enter Poland go and fetch our bags, get our tickets for Toronto and once again go through security. Six hour layovers are not fun. As I write this we have another 2 1/2 hours. Will publish one more entry tomorrow August 7th.

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