Back Home in the Villages of Rosedale

Wednesday August 7, 2013

After 23 hours of travel time Jill and I climbed out of our Airport Limousine at about 8:30 pm local time. We were both quite tired, sorry to leave Russia but happy to be home. We were greeted by Oliver as only Oliver can greet people. He came charging down the length of the house barking with his tail hitting everything in sight. Hannah, could be heard yelling Mommy, Mommy they are here.005

The trip was uneventful after the hick-up at the airport with the computers going down and having handwritten boarding passes. We did have a six hour layover in Warsaw, but what the heck it let me catch up on the blog. We did have a baby two rows in front that shamelessly let us know throughout most of the eight hour trip what he thought of flying. The parents did all they could to quiet and comfort the child, but if they are going to scream . . . they are going to scream!

I would also like to thank all those that followed the blog for all of the very positive feedback received, except for the one from my loving nephew about me being a gentlemen; but, I remembered what Alfred E Newman would say, “What me worry” about that . . . LOL

As I reflect on this travel holiday I have to say that it was the best ever!

While we very much enjoyed China last year and our European River Cruise in 2011, Russia (what we saw of it) was stunning, the people were very friendly (those Kremlin guards and Passport Control officers at the SUV airport excluded), the cruise itinerary fabulous, the crew very helpful, patient with us always lagging behind photographers, friendly and our fellow passengers who respected the time limits for moving ountitledn to the next place and for being genuinely friendly.

The Russian Waterways tour enlightened us both about Russia. Today we have a very different opinion on the country, it’s attractions and it’s people. Perhaps visits from more North Americans might change opinions and lessen tensions. Every stop along the way was a “WOW” stop.

Despite the trials and tribulations of obtaining a Russian Visa and the time needed to get to St .Petersburg from Toronto and from Moscow to Toronto we would highly recommend AmaWaterways Russian Waterways St Petersburg to Moscow river cruise.

Inna, our Cruise Manager was fabulous and at the last minute lost her Assistant Cruise Manager. All of the guides, wait staff and crew were always upbeat and showed happy, smiling faces. The Ama Representative at the airport was very cordial, led us to where we were to check in and kept us informed of what was happening during the extended “Technical Glitch”. This was a very nice touch by AmaWaterways.

Thanks to daughter # 3 Karen, whom we have known since she was a 4 year old for her comments on the blog and yes we will try to visit you in Hamburg, Germany one of these days.

Lastly, thanks to Charlie & Martha and Lynn and Melvyn for letting us get to know them and to be able to chum around with them and enjoy dinner with them most every night. They are now on the blog email list.

That is it for this 2013 Russian Waterways Blog. We will be blogging in July of next on our trip to the South of France.

Go To: Russian Waterways St. Petersburg to Moscow 2013


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