Moscow, Red Square

Monday August 5, 2013

Once again we have had a very full but also very exciting day in Moscow.

The Purple or Chameleon Group shared buses with Green and Orange again and also shared their guides with the exception of the Moscow Metro where purple was reunited with our own guide.

Red Square, G.U.M. Department Store on Right

Today we were bused to Red Square. This square is very large and rests outside the walls of the Kremlin. The walls of the Kremlin serve as a backdrop on one side of the square while the GUM retail complex is on the opposite side. The Church of the Assumption is a very

St Basil’s Cathedral now a  Museum

beautiful freshly restored building at one end and if memory serves a smaller church at the other end. It is truly beautiful as the picture shows. Red Square is the place where Lenin’s tomb rests, but it was not open as it was a Monday.

untitledWe were given approx. one hour of free time to shop in the GUM. Not at all what we expected. It is a very large building housing many, many high end retail shops and high end retail brands. It has three levels and is quite elegant inside. Approx 3 weeks ago there was a major flower show held here and some of the presentations were still showing.

We walked back to where our bus was parked and drove to untitledwhere the small restaurant boats were located. We boarded and indulged in a quite good buffet luncheon while traveling a portion of the Moscow Canal. Spectacular is not a word that can describe this boat tour. Building after building, Orthodox Church after church, seven sisters and the Kremlin wall were all on display. It was one of the highlights of the entire trip. The weather co-operated with us on the return portion of the trip allowing us on the sun deck to photograph many of these buildings.

We boarded our bus and made three additional stops . . . one at a monastery, the second a lookout that gave us a view of much of Moscow and then a stop at Victory Park.

From here we went to the Moscow Metropolitan subway. The stop where we entered was untitledthe deepest station on all of the lines. It took a full 3 minutes on a very fast moving escalator to get to where the train is. This was a very subtly beautiful station. The train came in and we all clamored aboard three carriages and went one stop. We got off the train to a beautiful station displaying fine crystal chandeliers. We then boarded and traveled three stops back and came out to a station loaded with many sculptures.

untitledWe left the Metro and walked out to a very nice square that sported a statue to Karl Marx and across the road the National Theatre.

It is a real shame that this is our last day before coming home . . . although we are looking forward to home and LHR.


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