Moscow – Kremlin Area

Sunday August 4, 2013

Entrance to the Kremlin

Today was a very full day, although we were allowed to sleep in a little bit today. The problem with sleeping in is you can potentially miss some great photo opportunities. We did see some interesting sights along the Volga and into the Moscow Canal prior to docking in Moscow.

We had lunch on board at 11:30 am and departed the ship and took a bus to the Armory and Kremlin. We started with at least a one hour lineup to get into the Kremlin grounds, where the lineups were enormous with the Kremlin guard having one X-ray machine working. Very frustrating. Also challenging was, as members of the purple group we had to be chameleons as half us went in a yellow bus and the other half went with orange bus and then would regroup once we arrived at the Kremlin.

I digress, we entered the Armory with a tour guide and our headsets and discovered a wonderful museum. The exhibits were well laid out and our guide new her stuff. Unfortunately there was absolutely no photography inside the museum. There were

The Armory Chamber

exhibits of the Czars crown jewels, the carriages that the various Czars used when traveling on official state functions, armor of the various time periods, and many place settings, goblets and other tableware. While nowhere near as large as the Hermitage its’ exhibits were certainly on a par with it.

untitled-3From the Armory we ventured outside and into the walls of the Kremlin. For those like me that did not know; a”kremlin” is a fortress with tall walls surrounding a community of churches etc. There are many kremlins in Russia but the one we all think of is the Kremlin in Moscow. When walking in it you are simply awestruck with the architecture. The

The Cathedral of the Assumption

buildings are magnificent. We did enter one church, but photography was forbidden. The inside from the walls to and including the ceiling were completely covered in frescos. I took picture after picture from many different angles of the buildings in the Kremlin. I have only selected a few for the blog.

Go To: The Armory Chamber

Jill and I decided that if we were going to be in Moscow then we simply had to see the Moscow Circus. Apparently there are two companies known as the Moscow Circus. This company has a building that houses a big circus ring and a hard Big top. We saw many, many excellent acts but once

Moscow Circus

again photography was not permitted during the performance. I did get a shot of the ring before the performance started. This was an optional tour and well worth the additional expense.

We did not return to the AmaKatrina until 10:45 pm where we sat down to a buffet dinner. We then headed off to our room for bed as we were both quite tired.

This blog was actually written on the 6th in Poland waiting for our flight to Pearson.


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