Uglich, Russia

Saturday August 3, 2013

Today was our last port of call before arriving in Moscow. It seems that the cruise is rapidly drawing to a close. Oh well, we do have some time in Moscow before an early morning departure on the 6th.

Today’s weather is cool and overcast but it appears to be warming up. I just got the internet and saw some of your comments about yesterday’s blog. All I’ve got say is “I are a gentleman . . . er I was a gentlemen for a few moments, at least”.

untitled-1We arrived in Uglich and were greeted by a young “maiden” as the picture shows. Uglich was rumored to be founded in 973 but the oldest records date back only to 1149. On the way in we saw a number of churches and public buildings. We ran the gauntlet of about 300 yards of souvenir booths, successfully I might add however we were not so lucky on our return to the ship.

Dmitri (who was very young and should have been a Czar) was murdered when he was 11 years old. Thus the name of the Church where he was killed. We did tour two museums, both former churches with the first one holding a temporary exhibit and the second one auntitled-21 permanent exhibit inside. This second museum’s main feature was virtually the entire inside was painted with Frescoes. It also had an all metal floor meaning you could not be in it during a thunder storm. It was truly beautiful.

We also entered a hall where a Male Choir sang two songs for us, the Lord’s Prayer in Russian and a folk song. They were very good!

untitled-28As I mentioned earlier, we did stop at numerous booths on returning to the ship and came close to purchasing an oil colour painting by a local artist, but it was not to be. We did purchase a lovely round table cloth for our dining room table at home.

We left Uglich through a lock that has a beautiful arch that the cruise ships go through. At 3:00 pm we received the details concerning disembarkation and transfers to our airport. untitled-40Looks like a 5:30 am start for us. At 6:00 pm was the Captains Champagne Party followed by a wonderful Captain’s Dinner. (More Pics) After dinner we walked up to the Melody Lounge where we listened to a fabulous Jazz Sax player and a vocalist. We very much enjoyed our time with our new friends Charlie & Martha from North Carolina and Melvyn & Lynn from Nottingham, England.

Moscow awaits us . . .



Uglich, located on the banks of the Volga was founded by merchants in 1148. Rich in history, Uglich is home to some of Russia’s most beautiful churches and cathedrals. The most noteworthy include the magnificent Church of Dmitry on the Blood, dedicated to the tragic story of Ivan the Terrible’s son. The frescoes inside the church give a full account of the events connected with the death of Prince Dmitry in 1591.

The largest building is the Transfiguration Cathedral. It was built at the beginning of the 18th century and occupies a dominant position with its 5 domes visible from every part of the town.
(with excerpts  from the Daily Cruiser, August 3)”


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