Travel to Yaroslavl

Friday August 2, 2013

This morning began with quite an overcast sky with some mist over the water. The weather was a little chillier to begin with so I decided it would be a jeans day.

Rybinski Locks

Almost as soon as I left the room we came upon The Rybinski Lock which actually has two locks. Each lock is capable of handling two cruise ships although it is a tight fit. If my

Mother Volga, near the entrance to the Rybinski Locks

counting was correct , we dropped approx 32 ft. Prior to entering the lock, we met “Mother Volga” who welcomes you onto the the Volga River. Unfortunately, she is almost completely enclosed in scaffolding as the picture shows.

Tight squeeze in the Rybinski Locks

Go To: City of Rybinsk & Surrounding Area

We saw many interesting sights along the way to a small village that is called Tutaev. The “Daily Cruiser” refers to this village as a fairy tale village because of the many churches that line the shoreline of the Volga at this point.

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