Kizhi Island Info & Pics

“Kizhi Island: Situated in the north-west region of Lake Onega, the island of Kizhi is home to an outdoor museum of fascinating edifices of northern wood architecture, including the remarkable Transfiguration Cathedral. Kizhi is small and narrow, measuring approximately 8 kilometers by less than 1.5 kilometers. Its location in Lake Onega makes for misty early mornings and dazzling sundowns in summer. The flora and fauna are pretty basic. Officially called the State Historical Architectural and Ethnographic Preserve of Kizhi, the collection of structures planted predominantly along the southern tip of the islands consists of churches, chapels and bath houses – all brought from the Onega region to collectively illustrate the styles of architecture common to the Russian North.

The highlight is definitely the Transfiguration Cathedral, built in 1714. Thirty thousand untitled-8shingles built on twenty-two separate cupolas on five tents compose the ascending nest and was built without the use of any nails. The shingles are made of Aspen wood, which resists weather fairly well, responds to aging very well, and is capable of reflecting a myriad of hues.”
(excerpt from Daily Cruiser , July 31)

Winter Church in the foreground with Transfiguration Cathedral in background

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