Traveling to Svirstroy

Tuesday July 30, 2013

Today, bright, sunny and clear with some early morning fog patches. We have another cruise ship following approx two or three kilometres behind us.untitled-13

This morning I woke up at approx 6:00 AM and after showering and a quick coffee I went up on the Sun Deck and took numerous pictures of the shore line. We are traveling the Volga-Baltic Waterway. We departed St Petersburg on the Neva River. During the night we crossed Ladoga Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Europe. We are on our way to Svirstroy, our first port of untitled-14call. We are now traveling along the Svir River which varies significantly in its width and is quite picturesque. The shoreline is lined with hardwood with pines interspersed and has a sandy shoreline. In the 1 1/2 hours I have been up I have seen very little signs of human activity, but did see one small outboard with a fisherman doing his thing. I have also seen the remains of some concrete docking. The river seems to be quite shallow in parts as just out side the channel I have seen Lily pads and tree stumps.untitled-19

We have just returned from our shore excursion to Svirstroy. The main employer here appears to be the hydro electric power dam. This is quite a charming little town with many local craftsmen. We were part of a smaller group of 12 people who went and visited with a Russian home owner.

We have entertainment tonight in the lounge. Will update in tomorrows blog


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