Cruising the Neva River & Lake Ladoga

“Neva River: The voyage by river ship from St. Petersburg to Lake Ladoga is quite scenic as the Neva boasts some dramatically high banks (between 6 and 9 meters) and a width varying from 250 and 1,300 meters. Within 25 kilometers of the St. Petersburg city limit the river landscape comprises suburbs and villages. There are also several points of untitled-18interest along its stretch. Of greatest interest is the island fortress called Petrokrepost (Shluesselburg). This island was first fortified in 1341 and was known as Oreshrk, or “little nut“. In 1702 it was captured by Peter the Great and named Shluesselburg, German for “key fortress“.” (excerpt from Daily Cruiser 7/30/2013) (More Pics)

Our first night cruising on the Neva River and later on we will sail across a large lake called Lake Ladoga. The pics were taken at around 11:00 pm.
“Lake Ladoga: One of untitled-11the most beautiful and picturesque places in the Northern part of Russia is the area of Lake Ladoga. It occupies 7000 sq. miles. 176 sq. miles. Its territory consists of islands of all sizes. There are more than 650 islands here. The lake is as big in its size as it is big in its depth. The deepest spot is 670 feet, its water is famous for its clarity and freshness. 32 rivers drain their waters into Lake Ladoga and only one, the Neva River flows out. This lake is rich with fish. There are 58 different kinds of fish here. The mostuntitled-13 numerous are trout, Baltic sturgeon and Baltic salmon. Sometimes one can see seals emerging from the water as well as on shore.(excerpt from Daily Cruiser 7/30/2013)”



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