Embarkation on the AmaKaterina

Friday July 26, 2013

We will begin this blog by starting with the evening of the 25th. untitledOur hotel was kind enough to recommend a restaurant that was just down the street from the hotel. Unfortunately, we ended up going to the wrong restaurant but fortunately we had a spectacular meal in a spectacular restaurant. The food was wonderful, (we both had salmon with black risotto), we had a glass each of a spectacular white wine (should be for the cost 500 Rub = approx. 15.00 per glass) and multiple courses for a total of about $95 for both of us.) If you are to visit Russia I would highly recommend PMI Bar (www.pmibar.com). This is one of those places that the Stars dine in including Madonna, Ringo, Bono, Joe Cocker Keith Richards etc. (More Pics)

After dinner we walked along the canal to the Church of the Spilled Blood. This church completely dominates the skyline of downtown untitled-15Saint Petersburg. While we did not go in we took many pictures (Unfortunately sky was overcast with little sunlight) so I will have my work cut out for me when we get home using Lightroom to correct.

Today, July 26th started out with a wonderful breakfast at the Hotel Nevesky. While I may have appeared to complain about the AC and TV, the fan worked really well and we were too tired to use the TV. The people here were very helpful and very friendly. (Bill C, you should recommend this hotel to other clients visiting Saint Petersburg).

We than set off for the Hermitage Museum . . . . . . . in the wrong direction . . . . . so we had quite a pleasant walk about for about 45 minutes before we figured out how to get there. (Ted T you are exactly correct when you said this was a must see in Saint Petersburg.) The art and artists, and the palace were well worth the additional walk we had to start the morning off. The building is immense and the building across the square is even larger. According to our driver it has something to do with the military.  (More Pics)

untitled-2We left the Hermitage at about 1:30 to get some lunch as we had to be back at our hotel for a 3:00 pm transfer to the ship. We ended up having lunch at the restaurant where we were supposed to have had dinner the previous night. It was also very good. This one was more “Russian” and more rustic as picture shows. The name of this restaurant is “Restaurant Rustaveli and they are located at 9 Moika (98 954-650-99-19). We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and of course our wine.

It took about 50 minutes and some searching but we did eventually find the AmaKaterina. This is an older ship and considerably larger than the Ships that sail the European rivers. Our Cabin is quite nice and as I write this it is about 10:15 and am sitting on on our balcony in virtually complete daylight. We were welcomed on board by an accordion player and two singers offering bread for dipping and iced tea. It took no time at all to register and by the time we got to our room our bags were already there.
I have not been able to connect to the internet as I write this so hopefully I can get it out either tonight or tomorrow at some point.

Tomorrow promises to be a very full day.

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