Hermitage & Ballet

Imperial Army, General Staff Building  & the Alexander Column

Sunday July 28, 2013

First off let me tell you that this may be the last post to the blog for a while as we have been informed that the WiFi gets weaker when we leave Saint Petersburg. I will continue to write daily but can only send when the WiFi available.

We went to the Hermitage again today, this time with a tour guide who was very well informed. Fortunately, the tour took us to very different parts of the museum which is

Hermitage Museum

what we had hoped for. We also had an hour of free time so we visited the area dedicated to Egypt and another area dedicated to Greece and lastly Rome. We saw paintings and sculptures by Da Vinci, Roden, the Dutch Masters and many, many more. The pictures can best tell the story. I believe we have spent about 8 hours in total and have maybe seen 20% of the exhibits.

Madonna & Child 1478 Leonardo Da Vinci

The opulence of the Czars is unbelievable! It is no wonder that the day of reckoning came in 1917. All royalty was put to death preventing any heirs trying to stake a claim to the throne.

More Pics: The Hermitage Museum

We than had the afternoon off. After dinner we took the hydrofoil back to the Hermitage and saw a ballet performance in the original Hermitage theatre. The hall was really beautiful, the music excellent and to my taste the ballet (likely any ballet) OK. I shall let others sit in for me and allow them to critique the performance. It is very physically demanding on the dancers. The theatre was very hot as there is no AC in buildings of this age.

We were bused back to the ship and arrived around 11:00 am for a desert (just what we needed) and Champagne.

Special note to TED & SHEILA, we are touring with BiIl & Carol Pushie. That is now twice in our travels we have met up with people from St Catharines who know you two.

We have an early start to today and I hope to get this off before we depart St Petersburg this evening.

Russian Waterways St. Petersburg to Moscow 2013


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