Late Afternoon in St. Petersburg


Thursday July 25, 2013

First off I am happy to say that we have arrived safely at the Nevsky Moyka Hotel, no thanks to the driver who was traveling in excess of 100Ks on city streets. untitled-2He couldn’t speak a word of English but did help Jill with her luggage to the locked front gate of the hotel.untitled-3

The terminal we arrived at was something out of the 50s I would say, but they are renovating it now. There is some major expansion going on at other terminals in the airport. Clearing customs was no problem at all. Hand your passport to the Customs Officer who takes it and wordlessly punches a whole lot of buttons and after a couple of minutes hands it back to you . . . still without a word. On a positive note are bags were waiting for us once we cleared customs and clearance was pretty quick with lots of Officers on hand.

The Dreamliner we thought we were taking was a teaser . . . turned out to be an Eleaur 170. Nice comfy seats on the second leg.

We saw some interesting looking architecture on the drive in . . . a good untitled-2half hour at breakneck speed. Jill is still recovering from the experience. untitledPlease note the AC (only slightly noisy, but effective) and the wide screen 14″ TV above it. The room is small but clean and we are here for only one night.

We are about a 5 minute walk to the Hermitage Museum and have tickets to visit there tomorrow. Well, it is time to sign off as we are going to go and find a place for supper.


Oh ya, Warsaw airport for a Cafe Americano was 4 Euros. Rivals Pearson’s lunch (Burger, Fries and a diet pop each . . .$29.00 with tax.)

Polish Airways (LOT) were excellent! Very nice meal on the first leg . . . and a nice sandwich on the second leg.

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