Cassis, France

Monday, September 8, 2014

Wow, what a fabulous day. We left Aix untitled-48en Provence at around 8:45 am. We took the scenic rout from Aix to Cassis a trip that took approx 3 hours that if you drove the major highways might have been 45 minutes, but really well worth it.

(More Pics)

As we hit Cassis we got a hint of what was to come with a quite good scenic look-out, so good that I was a little cheesed that the driver didn’t stop. We started to climb & climb & climb, this great big bus on this small, small, narrow road where I believe the back end of the bus hung out over the cliff faces.

untitledWe saw some simply stunning sights as we climb the 4000 meter cliffs. Cassis and the Cassis Bay are completely laid out for you . . . like the perfect table setting. These cliffs are the highest in all of the Mediterranean. The pictures tell the story. Complements to our bus driver Michelle.

We got as close to the Best Western La Rade Hotel as the bus would take us where we needed to go. From there we got on a small train that took us down to the hotel. untitledWe have a spectacular view from the pool area, actually where I am sitting right now.

We wandered throughout the town for a couple of hours before boarding our exclusive private charter cruise where we visited the limestone untitled-2cliffs that rise straight up from the sea. (Cassis Bay & Cliffs Pics)I am lost for words to describe what we saw. I am not sure I know enough adjectives to truly describe what we saw. Once again, the pictures will tell the story.

After the untitled-5cruise, Jill & I walked back to the hotel where we enjoyed a swim in the salt water pool prior to going out to dinner. We had a our Farewell Dinner at Restaurant Romero and a really great dinner it was, featuring a fish soup, Veal, and a very interesting dessert, . . and the wine certainly flowed freely.

Tomorrow, is our last full day and is wide open, Jill and I will likely do some last minute shopping, tour around the town a bit more, swim in the pool at the hotel and rest up for what will be a challenging trip home.

Next update will be from the Marseilles Airport on Wednesday!

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