Arles, St. Remy & Les Baux

September 5, 2016

Today was a truly outstanding day! We spent the morning in Arles wandering throughout the town. It is chock full of history with some buildings and monuments dating BC. untitledThe highlight of the day and most likely the trip was the Roman coliseum. It is truly spectacular. We also visited a number buildings, the city hall and many churches. We were back to have lunch on board. (More Arles pics)

After lunch, we took our second optional tour that untitled-42saw us in St. Remy and Les Baux. The town of St Remy is today known for a mental hospital that Vincent Van Gogh spent a significant amount of time due to his bi-polar condition. During his time in Arles and St Remy he produced many classic paintings. The gardens featured many copies of the paintings he created here. Just outside the hospital untitledwere two very old Roman statues. Really magnificent. Also the scenery and colours created by the bright sunshine on cliff faces and the garden were very memorable. (More St. Remy Pics)

From here we road the bus to Les Baux. The small town of 300 residents had at it’s root the mining of bauxite. That is no longer done here, but the town centre was very old and literally built into a small mountain and protected by a medieval castle. The scenery & look outs were terrific. (More Les Baux Pics)untitled-49

This evenings dinner was the Captain’s dinner and it featured a deconstructed Beef Wellington. Excellent! Most of the ships behind the scene staff were introduced and rousing time was had by all.

The ship sailed as we sat down to dinner and we arrived in the evening in Avignon. Again, I believe the pictures tell it all. untitledToday is the last full day on board; where did the time go and we must pack and (ouch) pay our bills and tomorrow andbegin our bus tour.

That is it for today!

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