Tain l’Hermitage / Tournon

September 3, 2014

Today started off with my usual omelet, bacon, mushrooms & toast. I am going to have to walk like madman when we get back, in fact we will likely need another holiday to recover.
Today in Hermitage, we visited a feudal castle that was quite literally built into the side of a giant rock. It included a beautiful Monastery that was very old dating back to the 1400s.

We did a walking tour of the town that has lots of history and learned a great deal. I must say that the guides have been fabulous and are certainly a wealth of knowledge.

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From here we crossed the river to the town of Tournon, where we traveled just out of town to a small family winery.We tasted a white and two reds and invested in a bottle of the white as be both quite enjoyed during the tasting. (Wine Tasting Pics )
Upon finishing here at the winery we traveled into town and visited a small art museum “Musee Pierre Palue” that is privately owned by the widow of this local artist. (Musee Palue Pics) She insisted on welcoming us personally through our guide who translated. She had numerous artists on display including at Matisse and a number of her husbands works. This was a very interesting little gallery.untitled-51

From here we went to the Vairhona’s Chocolate Factory. Oh my God . . . this was a chocolate lovers heaven! I was in paradise! We did invest in some chocolate, however I am not sure any of it will make it home.

untitledOf note is the suspension bridge that links the two towns together is named the Seguin Bridge after the man that invented untitled-2the Suspension Bridge Marc Seguin. His statue also holds a place near the bridge.

This afternoon was spent cruising down the Rhone and we are presently docked in Viviers, departing at 12:00 midnight. Tomorrow we visit Arles. On the cruise down we went through a number of locks with height differences of 42 ft in some cases. We also passed a nuclear power plant.

That is it for tonight. More to come.

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