Vienne France, on the Rhone

September 2, 2014

We are tied up in this town and presently about 45 minutes from Dinner. Today was a wonderful day, especially with the return of my iPad. We did a walking tour of the town and saw many Roman ruins and in particular a

Temple of Augusts & Livia:  dating 20 – 30 BC and dedicated to Emperor Augustus

Temple built for Augustus Livia. Apparently this is one of only two in France, the other being in Nimes.

We also saw the Church and Museum of Saint-Pierre, a beautiful church on the inside,

La Cathedrale Saint-Maurice

but the outside was spectacular, but for all the wrong reasons. Just didn’t look good to me, but impressive. There was also the ruins of an ancient Roman Theatre and more ruins at Cybele’s Archaeological Garden.
However the best was a small train ride to the top of a very high Hill and the view which was spectacular!!

Ancient Roman Theatre dating to 40-50 AD

Yesterday afternoon we went to a place called Perouges a Medieval town that was truly spectacular. There are approx. 200 people that live there year round and they receive 3 TV stations and do not get internet. Poetic justice, the Three Musketeers was filled here and I got my Three Musketeers chocolate Bar today. This was an optional tour and well worth the 49 Euros each.

Sights on Le Mount Pipet where Chappelle Notre Dame de la Salette sits.


More sights in and around Vienne

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