Chalon-sur-Saône & Beaune

Our first night on board the Viking Ship Heimdal heimdalwill be memorable due to the loss of the iPad and trying to figure where I lost it. However, that did nor stop me from enjoying a very good meal. Tried & tried to contact daughter number 2 to know avail and to top it off I did not know any email addresses ’cause they are all on the iPad (that I didn’t have). Finally got hold of my sister via Facebook, and my nephew Dave who helped in finally contacting daughter number 1 who then tried to contact daughter number 2 whose cell phone’s battery was dead. Fortunately, Lindsay contacted Bonnie at the park and made Kim aware of the problem.

Attached are some pics of the dinning room in the Heimdal and some night shots in and around our port.

The following day we started out with a bus tour that included among other things a wine tasting, where we enhanced the local economy and purchased a bottle of Beaujolais, unfortunately since consumed. Ah, just in time, another wine tasting tomorrow . . . .


Will continue to try and bring you all up-to-date tomorrow as it is now 10:10 and am feeling pretty tired.

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