Denali National Park & Preserve

August 5

I am siting in the wonderful McKinley Chalet Resort in Denali, AK. It is approx 4:00 pm local closing in on 8:00 pm in Ontario.

Today’s trip began at 7:10 am which meant we were up at 5:40 am. What an ungodly hour! Sunset last night was 10:42 and was still light at midnight. This was an 8 hour trip into the park. ad24It carries a “Wilderness” designation, however the road which goes 90 miles into the park and 50′ on either side is not considered wilderness. ad3

The Wilderness designation is an ultra high designation with special protective measures in place. We went out about 57 miles and then came back. Our driver/guide was very knowledgeable about the current park and its history. He also had an excellent eye for spotting wildlife.


Tomorrow is essentially a free day, departure to Fairbanks at 2:00 pm by bus.

Toklat River
Mt Mckinley from Denali National Park & Preserve
Overlooking Polychrome Pass (elevvation 3,695 ft)

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