Cruising to Ketchikan

Today is a rest & relaxation day . . . . when not running from event to event. We met with Charlie and Martha for breakfast & I enjoyed a delicious omelet & a yogurt / blueberry parfait. a-cruise-amsterAfter breakfast we made our reservations for the Pinnacle & Canaletto fine dining rooms and purchased a wine package.

All four of us went to the digital Workshop which held a photo editing seminar for Windows based computers. I did pickup some tidbits of information particularly about “tint” & “temperature. I prefer working with Lightroom as opposed to the Explorer “free” program, although it is quite easy to use.a-cruise-scenic-2

We followed that up with a tour of the ships kitchen facilities. It features 91 individuals working in the kitchen and they prepare over 12,000 meals per day. The dining room staff total 100 working the three restaurants.

After lunch, we toured the balance of the ship figured out where everything is on board. Jill, Martha & Charlie went to a Culinary workshop while I determined that at $0.75 / minute, I would not be using the ship’s internet. Spent an hour or so in one of the Ship’s bars listening to a great singer / guitarist play and won a prize for identifying the writer of “City of New Orleans” . . . Steve Goodman.

Last night was the Captain’s Gala Dinner and Jill & I had a very tasty, perfectly cooked beef tenderloin with shrimp. a-cruise-dressed-upWe decided to purchase a wine package, for 3 bottles. Last night we enjoyed approx 1/2 a bottle of the first choice, Puerto Viejo Chilean Carmenere. It was excellent!

We finished off the evening by going to the ship’s stage show which of course was an Alaska themed musical.

As I write this at 7:00 am on Tuesday, we have just arrived in Ketchikan. It did rain of and on yesterday and it was cool. So far today it is overcast and about 14 degrees.



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