Vancouver, BC

Sunday, July 26, 2015

5:45 am does come early in the morning! The song of John Ledger singing was our wake-up call followed shortly there after with the iPhone sounding off (set just in case we had a power failure). Neither one of us had a particularly good night; I guess the excitement of finally going to Alaska caught up with us.

van-featureJill remembered we had not copied our credit cards or passport so we did that and had breakfast. Kim was kind enough to get up at that ungodly hour to drive us to the airport.

After some initial frustration with the ticketing machine we grabbed our boarding passes and baggage tags, boarded the plane about 45 minutes before departure, delayed by approx. 1/2 hour. As I write this we are 45 minutes from landing in Vancouver.

van-martha-charlieOn a separate note we heard from our friends Martha and Charlie that they had to “get out of town”; Whistler that, is by 6:00 am this morning or be stuck there due to road closures because of an Ironman Triathlon.

We did not land in rain although the runway was wet from a recent rainfall. We took our time disembarking the Boeing 777 and went to collect our baggage. It did take some time to arrive but we had lots of time.

van-can-placeCabbed it to Canada Place for approx. $42 with tip (beats Holland America at $28 per person, US$ or the train with a 2 1/2 walk.Quite the process to go through check in and customs but we made it in a reasonable length of time. Very nice state room with a fairly large balcony & we are right next to Martha & Charlie.

Had lunch and dinner in the Lido buffet and both were very good.The sun was out for a glorious departure from Vancouver. van-ships-poolWe are on the 8th deck, one above us with a panoramic view on both sides of the ship. Got some great pics.

It is now 9:08 and we are both fading fast, with dusk settling in on a very picturesque shore line. Tomorrow is a cruising day . . . . sounds like a day to relax and recuperate from our travels today.



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