Willemstad, Curaçao

March 25th Blog

Today is March 25th and we are cruising the Caribbean Sea off the Dominican Republic coast heading to Miami. We are currently in 18 – to 20 ft. waves so the ship does have some movement today.

Yesterday was spent in Curaçao one of the ABC Islands in the Caribbean; the other 2 being Bonaire and Aruba. This island is approx 37 miles long and at its narrowest point 3 miles wide. w-big-bridgeWe did book an excursion which was a panoramic bus trip through the city of Willemstad. As our bus left the port area we were treated to many very colourful buildings and shops along the way. We passed the pedestrian pontoon bridge that crosses the natural harbour. It can be opened to allow shipping to pass through it. When the bridge in open for shipping, there are two ferries free of charge to allow crossing of the harbour.

We were told that the many different coloured homes and businesses w-from-bridgeresulted from a former Governor having migraines started by the white building prevalent at the time. He declared that the people should paint their homes or businesses any colour they wished but they could not remain white. Co-incidentally, this same Governor also owned a paint store in Willemstad. Ah politics . . . .

The city of Willemstad skyline is dominated by a very high, beautiful and lengthy bridge for vehicles of all kinds. After traveling around town for a bit we did cross over on this bridge and the views from it were quite spectacular. In one direction you looked into the industrial heart of the city, an oil refinery and the other out over the very beautiful multicoloured city.

We eventually arrived at the Curaçao Liqueur distillery. This was quite an interesting place to visit and it was topped off with a tasting of their various kinds of Curaçao. w-boozeMy favourite was the coffee flavoured one while Jill preferred the orange favoured one.

From here we traveled to what can best be described a a souvenir store. It did however have a magnificent view and I took a number of pictures here. Back in the bus, we traveled to the area populated by many Beach Resorts, toured past two cemeteries and the Jewish quarter. It was then back to the ship where we had lunch.

After lunch, Jill and I walked around Willemstad w-pontoon-bridgecrossed the pontoon bridge and did marginally enhance the economy of Curaçao. Last night was an excellent dinner with the two couples we have dined with just about every night. Jerry & Barbara from San Diego but who recently moved to Utah and Ron & Terry from Pennsylvania.



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