Cruising on the Pacific

 March 15, 2016

We have found yesterday and today to be very relaxing with the only time constraint being our dinner reservation which is at 6:00 pm.

Today is a beautiful brigVAl at night.jpght sunny day, perfect for cruising on the Pacific Ocean. As I am writing today’s blog, I can barely make out the Chilean shore line. I would estimate that we are some 10 miles off the coast.

Yesterday, after lunch we attended a seminar in the celebrity theatre titled Ocean Wildlife and  was led by a very entertaining gentleman. It featured the various types of fish, birds and mammals that we might see as we cruise north along the South American shore. Jill and I walked the jogging track with Jill logging 10,000+ steps and I had 13,000+ steps for the day.

Yesterday was the first of two chic casual dress dinners. This means I did not have to wear a tie! Wonderful! Actually the dress code did not require a dinner jacked either, but since I had brought my blazer I wore that and was not out of place. Dinner was excellent. I enjoyed a Shrimp cocktail to begin with followed by Salmon Tartar with the main course being a well prepared rack of lamb prepared exactly how I like it. Jill enjoyed a Shrimp cocktail followed by Beef Tournedos. Four desert I had cheese cake with chocolate sauce and Jill had sugarless strawberry ice cream.   fish2.jpg

After dinner we attended the ships stage presentation based on songs from Broadway Musicals. We heard songs from Oklahoma, Cats, Tommy, Miss Saigon and Phantom to name a few. It  was a really good show and we were highly entertained.

This morning we went to a presentation on the History of Wine in Chile and it was very informative. This afternoon there is another seminar that we plan on attending.



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