Arica, Chile

infinityMarch 17, 2016

This morning finds us on deck 4 on the ocean side of the ship sitting outside but in the shade. My guess is the temperature would be around 27 or 28 in the sun and it is a clear blue sky. We can see mountains on the land side of the ship although there is some mist. I believe we are cruising by the coast of Peru as the clocks fell back one hour last night. We are now on the same time as you folks in Ontario.

Yesterday, Wednesday we had an excursion into the city of Arica, Chile. This is another industrial port and while the tour buses came right up to the ship, if you wanted to go into town you had to take a shuttle bus to the port entrance. We had pre-booked our excursion so we boarded the bus at the ship.arica-panoOur tour guide was Russian, she had been in America and married a fellow from Chile and they then move to Arica. They are both Profs at the university, she teaches Russian and he teaches English.

We were informed that Arica is the driest place on earth with 0.003 inches of rain annually.We crossed dry river beds a couple of times. Arica gets its water from underground wells that are fed by the rivers that run after major rain falls in the hills and mountains that surround it.

Our first stop was in a small park, one square with many palm trees and some historic buildings dating back to the 1800s. arica-train-stationThere was also a small market where we made a couple of purchases. We boarded the bus and drove through town. The general housing is extremely poor. Most houses are make shift and very dilapidated. They appear to create shelter from anything that is available. Roofs are designed to provide some privacy but not really shelter from anything and there is no rain so they do not have to be waterproof.

We drove outside of town to view the geoglyphs on the hillside. These are viewed from quite some distance and depict humans and llamas walking to the sea. They are very distinct and easily recognizable for what they depict.

el-morroFrom here we went to a museum that showed many mummies and what life was like in Arica some 8,000 BC. It was all very interesting and informative. From here we drove to the ROCK. It is a massive chunk of rock that dominates the city of Arica. To get to it we drove around it passing numerous beaches with sizeable breakers. The bus climbed the rock until we crested at the top with a spectacular view of Arica, our ship the “Infinity” and the beaches.You could see for miles and miles in virtually every direction.


We returned to the ship and spent the afternoon on the sun deck, in the pools and hot tubs. Last night we had dinner in a specialty restaurant called the Tuscan Grill. We both had filet mignon and it was delicious. We also ordered the second of 5 bottles of wine and it was very good too.

Today is an “at sea” day and tomorrow brings us to Lima, Peru.


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